Anna Spallaccia



Orviet'Anna, the ceramics studio of Italian artist Anna Spallaccia, is located in the heart of Orvieto, Italy's historic medieval quarter. Tucked away in the small, narrow street appropriately named "Vicolo dei Dolci" (small street of sweets), in front of Orvieto's charming Gothic cathedral, one can find the artist hard at work. Whether Anna is constructing a pot on the wheel, emptying the kiln or glazing a new creation, one can be sure that here, PASSION precedes everything.

Due to the abundance of clay and water available in the Tiber valley, the Etruscans, who settled in Orvieto from 6 B.C. to 3 B.C. were able to make clay artifacts. This tradition is still alive today in this medieval town. Some make copies of vesels found in the area while others use the same techniques to render their own creations. Anna Spallaccia has experimented with both.

We invite you to come in, pull up a chair and "fare due chiccarare" (have a chat) with this Orvieto local, who has been making these beautiful, regional ceramics with a modern twist since she was 14. Getting to know an artist and her heart is "la dolce vita" at it's very best.


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  • Ceramics
  • Pottery
  • Interior Design
  • Fabric Arts


  • Wheel
  • Handbuilding
  • Glazing
  • Kiln
  • Metal Work
  • Dye